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Rent with us and discover how the entire city becomes an extension of your modern apartment. The heritage Adelaide Central Markets will become your pantry and likely part of an enjoyable weekly routine as the chore of shopping becomes more like entertainment. Forget the big screen, you can catch all of the big games at the Adelaide Oval. You’ll never feel the urge to leave your team on the field, while you leave early to beat the traffic either because the Oval is only a short walk from your new home. And when Mad March rolls around each year – here on Halifax Street – you’re perfectly positioned on the east side to dip in and out of all the arts, culture, comedy and carnival-like atmosphere Adelaide has to offer during this heady time of year.


In your local neighbourhood you’ll find a multitude of great local pubs, wine bars and coffee shops where – if they don’t know already – they’ll soon learn your name and make you feel like part of the furniture (in a good way!). 

Socialising becomes easy when you’re living in the centre of the city. Make your friends envious by comparing Uber fares to get home, or one-up everybody when you tell them it’s only a short walk away.


Imagine Halifax is unlike any rental property on the market. It’s European proportions mean you’re part of a small community of likeminded individuals but also benefit from being connected to all the city has to offer. Entertain friends and family at home before a short walk in any direction to take advantage of Adelaide’s burgeoning food and drink scene as new restaurants and bars open in the city every month. 

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