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The leading mid-rise residential property developer in Adelaide, Forme Projex bring a European scale and sensibility to the city’s finest locations. The Forme Projex team have won 39 state and national development industry awards over two decades – including the 2019 Urban DeveIopment Institute (SA) Affordable Housing and High Density Housing awards.

Our boutique residential projects blend modern architecture with high quality construction and finishes. We’ve found that this attention to detail results in eminently liveable homes that stand the test of time. Our distinctive style is known for its classic proportion and geometric form, and Forme Projex is committed to best practice sustainable design principles. It makes sense to us to reduce the energy consumption of our buildings while maximising your comfort at the same time. 

Our reputation is built on delivering high quality, architectural homes for you to enjoy, because the best award we can win is a happy client.


Part of the Forme Projex Group, Forme Rentals was established on our personal belief that the relationship between a property manager and tenant should be one of trust and professionalism. Rent your home with us and experience a personalised approach from one of our dedicated, honest and highly experienced property managers.

With more than 15 years of property management experience, The Forme Rentals team is led with a deft touch by Kimberley Sharrad. We believe Kimberley’s one of the best in the business. Ask any of our property management clients and you’ll hear about the peace of mind they enjoy, knowing their investment property is in the hands of someone they trust. Forme Rentals handpick tenants for our properties as if we were filling our own vacancy.

As our tenant, we can promise you will be treated with dignity and respect while living in a rental property. And unlike the vast majority of rental properties on the market, we’re sure the place you rent with us will be one you’re proud to call home.

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